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What to look for in a trade show logistics partner

Much has been written about what exhibitors need to consider when shipping their booth, booth materials, demo equipment, collateral, and giveaways to a trade show. Companies are typically spending 10 or more times the cost of shipping on a trade show and are absolutely depending on this material to be there on time, undamaged, and at a competitive price. I intentionally use the term competitive to highlight the importance of recognizing the lowest cost shipping alternative may not be the best solution for trade shows.

In addition, people who are responsible for trade show logistics want to know they are dealing with shippers who know how to ship to trade shows. Case in point, many trade show decorators will flat out tell you “we don’t recommend FedEx, UPS, DHL or similar small package services, as those companies have an entirely different [from what is best suited for trade shows] set of procedures to get packages from point A to point B.” So, what should you look for? Here is a nice matrix to help answer this important question:

Trade Show Logistics Partner

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US Express Celebrates 35 Years of Customer Service

To mark its 35-year anniversary, US Express has number of exciting initiatives underway including a new logo, completely revamped website, mobile optimized login capability for its customer portal, a new VP of Sales and an expanded sales/customer service team.

US_Express_Logo_FNL_01_PNG_medThe new logo is designed to usher a more modern look yet still retain the familiar and well liked patriotic red, white and blue colors and globe-centric old logo. We hope you like it.

USE WebsiteConsistent with the more modern look of the new logo, US Express’ new website adopts a much richer visual approach to presenting the viewer with the US Express story, our capabilities, and all the useful functionality users loved about our old website.

Much has been written about how technology is changing the shipping and freight forwarding industry. US Express is keeping up with the trend and now provides a mobile-optimized interface to its customer portal allowing our customers on their smart phones the ability to enter orders, track shipments, research invoices, and update their accounts. Of course our customers will always be able to simply call their personalized logistics consultant assigned as usual. Nothing beats personal service available 24x7x365. It is our hallmark.

To help drive US Express’ growth in its traditional strong market segments like trade show logistics and specialized equipment shipping as well as to drive exploration into new market segments like the Federal Government ecosystem, we have added a VP of Sales to our management team and new team members in both sales and customer service. We are growing and can’t thank our customers enough for their business and their loyalty.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback and vow to make your shipping the easiest part of your business.

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