Trade Show Logistics

Trade Show shipping requires trade show knowledge –  and we have it. Give us your show schedule and we will take it from there. We know the decorators and the venues, so leave the logistics to us.


US Express offers economical exhibit shipping, storage and maintenance services that allow you to retain control. Our climate controlled, electronically monitored warehouse is able to handle any storage needs regardless of weight or dimension. We’ll post your individual inventory online where you can view and monitor its status through our secure web portal. You have the freedom of choosing items from your inventory at your convenience and we’ll get them to you that same day if needed!

You can store all your printed material, handouts, and other collateral to be integrated into your exhibit structure for shipment to your scheduled events, or we will pick up from any other location. Marrying your exhibit shipments prior to arrival at show site saves you money on drayage and material handling.

Whatever your needs demand, let US Express take the hassle out of your storage, maintenance, and shipping needs.

US Express Exhibit Shipping, Storage and Maintenance service includes:

  • Exhibit Shipping
  • Show to Show Shipping
  • Tradeshow Schedule forecasting
  • Exhibit warehousing
  • Online inventory management
  • Inventory inspection and parts and repair
  • Online ordering
  • No size limitation

US Express Freight can handle all your international trade shows and conferences with the same reliable service you have come to expect from us. We will assist with all necessary paper work: commercial invoices, issuance of carnets, customs clearance. Our experienced personnel will be in constant communication to let you know when your shipment arrives in country. You will be notified when it clears customs, and again when it is delivered. We believe communication is the key to successful international shipping! When your show is over, we will pick up your shipment and ship it safely back to your offices or to your next destination. Trade Show Logistics Service includes:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Weekend & night pickup available
  • To any country from any country
  • Customs clearance
  • Temporary import bonds
  • Time specific pickup and delivery
  • Online tracking
  • E-mail updates
  • International paperwork expertise

US Express is the specialist for shipping to corporate and association meetings, anywhere in the world. Our experience is our trademark when it comes to domestic and international shipping. We are chosen by more meeting planners for our attention to detail, and our superior communication. Our online tracking and e-mail updates will keep you and your staff informed as to the exact location of your shipment. We will return your shipment back to your chosen destination when your meeting is done. Let US Express take all the hassles and complications out of conference shipping! Corporate Meeting service includes:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Night and weekend pickup
  • Time specific pickup and delivery
  • Online tracking
  • E-mail updates
  • Inside pickup and delivery

US Express Freight is a full service organization for trade show management and has been transporting trade show material for over 25 years, for any size company. We can handle advanced warehousing and act as the Official Show Air and Ground Shipper, including manifesting of all in bound materials from show management and exhibitors. By providing personalized service and excellent communication between all parties, US Express will ensure the success of your event. This includes items such as pipe and drape, electrical, computers and more. We will make a courtesy call to each of your exhibitors to make sure they have made arrangements to get to and from the show.

We can also forecast dates for pickups for shows to make coordinating your tradeshow schedule much easier for your company. With our automatic e-mail notification we will notify you the day before to remind you of pickups and will update you automatically as your shipment moves through our system all the way through to delivery.

US Express tradeshow and exhibitor services include:

  • Advance warehousing
  • Official shipper for air or ground
  • Tradeshow decorator
  • Tradeshow forecasting
  • Online tracking
  • Electronic warehousing management
  • E-mail notification
  • Domestic and International
  • Show to show shipping