The return of in-person events:
Prepare your booth and your staff

Attending an in-person event can be both daunting and exciting, despite the pandemic. You’ll get to see colleagues you haven’t seen since last year, and there’s the opportunity to create new connections with attendees and other exhibitors. But, how do you ensure your and your staff’s safety?

As we know, social distancing can have a profound impact on the spread of germs. As can the use of face masks or coverings, frequent hand washing, and avoiding touching your face. So, how do you implement all of this in a 10×10 booth space?

First, set your booth up in a manner that creates a one-way traffic flow. This will prevent attendees, your staff, and anyone else that visits your booth from bumping into each other.

Second, create a barrier between your staff and visitors that will allow them to converse, but respect each other’s social distance. Such as a table with product models or pamphlets, or simply tape on the floor indicating where to stand and wait.

Third, if possible, offer hand sanitizer to anyone that visits your booth. Ask that they use hand sanitizer before taking any pamphlets, brochures or swag that are laid out on the table in front of them.

It’s undeniable that this pandemic will have a profound impact on the way that in-person events are handled. We are all eager to get back to “normal” but it is still extremely important that we all do our part to help stop the spread of the virus.

Committed to doing our part

Like most businesses, US Express had to pivot and refocus its efforts after the coronavirus pandemic shut down the nation. After the event and tradeshow industry collapsed in early March, we were forced to find other opportunities to flex our white-glove muscles. That’s when we were asked to ship some much needed PPE, including face masks and hand sanitizer, across the country.

US Express has been open, and is still open, throughout this pandemic. If any business in the DMV needs to get materials to hospitals, testing sites, or any other facility in need, we have a fleet of local trucks at the ready.