Shipping is shipping is shipping, right? Nope! When it comes to distribution shipping and trade show shipping, there are some key differences. 


Distribution is defined as “the act of sharing something out among a number of recipients.” Looking at this definition through the lens of a shipping company, we can infer that the same item will be sent to multiple destinations and that there will be no return shipment.  


We can also expect distribution shipping to be carried out over time, whether it be a short burst of information packets sent out or a continuous dissemination of information or goodies. Lastly, we can expect there to be an element of packing involved, usually according to a certain standard.  


As is typical with distribution shipping, marketing managers prefer recipients to receive a package that is packed methodically and is visually pleasing. By packing methodically, we can ensure the safety of the contents during transit and we can pack the box/case in a manner that makes logistical sense – such as needing the item on top first, and the item on bottom last.  


Trade show shipping involves sending multiple items to one destination, either an advance warehouse or show site venue, in one consolidated shipment. We can expect a return shipment after the event has ended. 


With trade show shipping, we can usually expect there to be a series of events that the same items will need to be shipped to. And, we can expect there to be little to no packing required of the shipping company.  


Trade show materials are typically packed in a manner that ensures their safety, minimizes internal damage and leaves room for small extras (cords, pens, business cards, etc.). This packing is first done by the booth manufacturer and is maintained by the exhibiting company or their labor team.  

There are so many different types of shipping and they all have their nuances, thankfully US Express is here to help you determine your needs and provide workable solutions!